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Security Escort
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t's a common occurence - robberies, muggings and a host of other violent crimes. Robberies often occur when targets are spotted coming out of the bank with large sums of money or before depositing cash. Even single mothers and elderly people are not spared. Criminals only want one thing - money, property or valuables - and they will not hessitate to physically harm their victims to get what they want. The police always advise people never to go to the bank alone when making large cash transactions or parking in a dark lonely parking lot. But we all know that sometimes we just can't get a companion to follow us or a parking space that's safe.

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If you are a well-built man, a martial arts exponent or you have a background in security services, then you are the right person to provide this vital service. You will escort your clients to the bank, ATMs or shopping mall as a "friendly bodyguard". Your job would be to look out for possible opportunities criminals may strike. The very sight of you may well cause any would be robber to think twice. Your services will be crucial to elderly folk and single women who live in a crime prone area.

This isn't a business that you can grow very fast. Reputation based on trust must be built carefully. Your clients will eventually grow confident being with you knowing that you can handle any untoward situation and when this happens, they will form your regular clientele, calling you everytime they need an escort. Obviously, if you have a criminal record, you shouldn't be in this business, but if you're able build a network of friends who are as skilled as you, then the logical progression would be to start your own Professional Security Escort Service.

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