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Blade Sharpening
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onsider the average household where you live. Now imagine the number of blades that could be in that household at any one time - anything from meat cleavers to scissors to hedge trimmers. That's thousands (maybe millions) of blades that will need sharpening sooner or later. If you have sharp eyes and very, very steady hands, then a blade sharpening business can help you make extra money with just a few minutes work each day.

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If you live in the suburbs where lawns always need to be cut, your number will be in the phone list of your neighbours and friends who will pay you to sharpen their lawn mower blades or their hedge trimmers. They know sharp blades can make the difference between sweating in the sun for half and hour or 3 hours!

You don't need much space to do your sharpening. The basement, garage or garden shed will do but you will need to be some distance from people - obviousy for safety reasons. The last thing you want is an accident caused by your kids suddenly screaming for Daddy or visitors bumping into you! Many people have sharpeners in the homes but lack the skill or the patience to do sharpen properly. If you live near local restaurants or repair shops, you could arrange to sharpen their blades on a regular basis. Doing so will bring in even more money. With enough time you should be on the "cutting edge" of the blade sharpening business!

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