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Image Consultant
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nless you're Ronald McDonald or a circus clown, surely you know how you look has a huge impact on your level of success. Style helps to create that very important first impression - whether it's about succeeding in an interview, getting a good date or meeting the "right" type of friends. Many people may have the same hopes and dreams but sadly, the way of the world dictates that "style" helps make the difference between getting that job as CEO or not getting it.

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As an Image Consultant, you will teach people how to make a great first impression with your flair for choosing the right combination of clothes to the type of hair-style that goes along with that look. Often you will need to communicate firmly yet nicely to your clients about the change that is required. After all, they may have developed their current "uncoordinated" look based on what their moms taught them, or they really thought their clothes looked cool when in fact they were weird!

Style gives people that extra "something" that helps them get what they want out of life. Sharp dressing reflects on the person positively. You'll find that as your clients begin to see the positive changes that take place after following your tips, they'll keep coming back to you for advice when it's time for a wardrobe change or office renovation. That's money in your pockets!

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