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Mobile Computer Repair
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he computer screen goes blue. The keyboard won't work. Your computer won't boot or it will shut down by itself while you're working. Ah.... the "joys" of owning a computer! Most people are pretty savvy at using computers to do their work but when something goes wrong with the computer, they're at a loss. Thank goodness for Computer Service Specialists!

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If you love computers, are technically inclined, you know what goes on inside a computer and what to do when something goes wrong, then you are someone everybody needs! You probably know you're suited for this business when you're the first person your family, friends and colleagues call when they need help to fix a computer problem. To start out in this business, you'll need to let your friends know about your services. There's lots of competition in this business - computer stores that offer repair and troubleshooting as part of their service. Many people though, hate the thought of having to lug their computers to the store and then lug it back home again. Here's where you come in.

To get an edge over the other computer stores, you'll need to be mobile. If you can travel to your client's place and solve the problem there and then, they won't mind paying the extra for your on-site visit. After all, you'll be saving them lots of time and effort! If the problem requires more than a day to solve, you could take the computer back with you to your workshop (in your home?) and when it's been repaired, you'll send it back to your client, setting it up for them. This business is about speed and reliability. Your reputation for both will see your home business blossom into a full-fledged computer repair shop!

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