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Tanning Booth Operator
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f you live in a sunny country you would not appreciate that people from temperate or cold climates find it hard to get and maintain a nice tan. For people in these countries, the only way to get a tan would be to holiday somewhere hot and sunny. A cheaper option would be to use a tanning bed.

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Many hair dressers, flower shops and exercise businesses have tanning beds as part of their service. If you have extra rooms in your home that you can convert into private tanning salons, you could find yourself earning quite a tidy sum - especially in the winter months. Your basic investment would vary, depending on the model of tanner you choose and whether you get it brand new or second hand.

You will need to know and explain all the health hazards of using a tanning bed to each new client. If you are going to have just one bed, you will need to schedule accordingly. If you have the space for two beds, you will always have an open space, and a back up machine. Why not make it a full-blown tropical getaway right smack in the middle of winter by painting murals of sunny beaches on the walls, complete with tropical fruit-juice? If you offer other services like hair dressing and manicures, your appointment book should be quite full. A great way to make money don't you think?

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