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Fund Raising Specialist
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hat would this world be like without charitable organizations? Millions of needy, sick and others with problems depend on the financial and emotional support that these charities provide. But Charities, like any other organizations, needs funds - lots of it - to survive. It's just that they are so busy doing what they do best - helping others - that they rarely have time to raise the funds they need.

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If you're someone who's a great communicator, love helping others and you have business savvy skills that you can use to network with cash-rich companies and individuals, then you'll be a fantastic Fund Raising Specialist. You'll need to be very creative and persuasive to convince your potential donors why they should contribute to the charity that you represent. You'll be a hands-on person, ready to get down to the ground and do what needs to be done to draw in the funds be it a charity cook-out, a telethon or a musical concert. This job has a very wide scope because your potential donors could be anywhere. You need to raise awareness of your charity and then drive the message home to them - "This Charity needs your support.... Give!"

As your reputation grows as a savvy fund-raiser, many charities will be seeking your services for their fund raising activities. Your rewards are obvious - getting money for helping others.

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