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ecause large law firms and corporate law departments usually employ staffs of trained paralegals, your market will consist of solo practitioners and small law firms that need qualified personnel to perform mundane – but time-consuming – tasks. As an independent paralegal business, you (and/or your staff) will organize documents, witness signatures, apply notary seals, and perform other routine tasks that require some legal training.

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For that reason, lawyers like to employ paralegals to keep their overall fees lower than if they had to perform all of the work themselves. With many clients scrutinizing their bills and striving to reduce legal fees, you have a “ready-made” marketing campaign.

Notarizing documents and shuttling contracts between attorneys and clients is not particularly exciting, but it pays extremely well. You may also find yourself drafting frequently used, but minor, legal documents. Some law firms have templates, requiring you to simply “fill in the blanks” on standardized contracts.

Chances are, you’ll also receive many free lunches and dinners while your working at your clients’ offices. Try to maintain a relatively flexible schedule, because you can never be quite certain how long a particular deal will take to close, or whether an emergency situation will require your services at the drop of a dime

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