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Screensaver Designer
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eople just love to watch computer screensavers. Other than their functional purpose, screensavers have been used since their creation as a marketing tool for business. In fact, many computer stores cleverly use screensavers to lure customers, with their bright and crisps images and fast animation. Computer owners like to change screensavers every now and tend so they're always on the look out for cool screensavers.

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If you're someone who's artistic and loves animation, then you could potentially make money creating your own screensavers. Your basic tools would be a computer and whichever software you choose to generate the screensavers. You could create packages based on different themes like nature scenes, abstract designs or cartoons and sell them. The easiest and most logical way to get your beautiful screensavers would be to sell them on the Internet. You would need to set up a simple website where people could buy your screensavers.

Keep in mind though, that there are literally millions of FREE screensavers floating around in cyberspace. They're mainly a marketing tool to attract visitors to websites. To be different, you will need to let your creativity stand out. Perhaps you could sell your skills and design corporate screensavers for companies to enhance their corporate image. It's a pretty nice way to let your creative juices earn you money!

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