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Car Pool Service
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ine out of ten people who have to commute to work will readily tell you that they dislike having to drive through traffic everyday, staring at the bumper of the car in front for up to 4 hours everyday. It's one of the things we've resigned ourselves to.

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If you're the one out of that ten that loves to drive to work, and traffic jams don't bother you, then you're probably a god-sent to tired and weary workers. To provide a car pool service means you pick up passengers at their home or at designated locations and they ride with you to work, dropping of at their workplace. Whether it's a one or two way trip largely depends on your work schedule.

This obviously works out to your advantage because each person would be paying you up to 50% of your total monthly fuel and toll costs. If you're able to fit 4 passengers into your car, that logically works out to an incomeof 200% of your cost. The quantum to charge your passengers really is up to you, but you must take into account the additional mileage if they work a distance from you.

Your car pool service doesn't just stop there. If you build a network of willing drivers, you can advertise your service. You would then match those in need of transport with the driver who works in the vicinity. You will earn money by taking a one-time commision for every passenger you get for your pool of drivers.

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