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Delivery / Transport Service
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verybody needs to transport large items at one time or another. It may be a cupboard, dining table, home stereo or bed - items that won't fit into a compact car. It becomes a problem if the destination is across town or somewhere further.

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If you happen to own a truck, van or large MPV, you could start a business offering transport for just these types of situations. Having a good, strong back is definitely a plus but depending on the size of the item, you may need to hire a temp. You can operate from your home so you can offer savings to your customer by charging cheaper rates.

You need to be available outside of office hours to accomodate working individuals. Again this works out to your advantage if you happen to hold a day job. To expand your business, you will need to network with other truck owners who are interested in providing this sort of service. As the business owner, you will undertake the responsibility of advertising your service. You will take a small percentage of the amount earned by your fellow transporter. The wider your area of coverage, the more jobs you'll be able to land.

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