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Haulage / Garbage Collection
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hat do people do when they've bought a new sofa and they need to get rid of the old one? Or if after clearing out their garage, they find a mountain of junk that they need to get rid of? Well they could take it to ther nearest junkyard or landfill by car but that may take 10 trips or more and that's more carrying, not to mention the time wasted and the potential damage to the interior of their cars. Enter you - and your Haulage Service!

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If you have a truck and you've got a good, strong back, then this is the ideal business for you on weekends and spare time. People always need to move things around - many times, it's big, bulky things like sofas and tables. If you do this on a full time basis, then you'll need to get the proper approval from your local government. Many times, a valid truck driver's license will do. When people pay you to get rid of their junk, ask them if they have any objections to you salvaging any of their throw-aways because there's always potential in their junk! If they insist you take if to the landfill, then it's in your best interest and reputation to follow their wishes. Most customers will just be glad you're helping them get rid of the stuff and won't mind what you do with it after you leave their homes.

Many Haulage Service providers also have a network of junkyard owners who will pay for other people's junk. People often throw away items like electrical appliances and furniture that are just a little bit worn or old fashioned. To the junkyard collector though, this is money! A little fixing and maybe a little paint and touch-up here and there and voila, the item could be good as new and can be sold to the lower income folk for a small profit. It all depends on your resourcefulness in how you "get rid" of junk. With a little bit of hard work and extra travel, you could make a trip to the recycling centre and sell off the recyclable stuff. Everything else that can't be re-used? Well, it's the landfill for them. There's money in junk. You just have to look for it.

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