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Newspaper / Magazine Distributor
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ost everyone likes to take a quick peek into their newspaper or magazine at breafkast or just before they head off to work. Being able to do this means somebody has to deliver the newpapers of magazine early in the morning and we're talking about early! As a mobile newspaper / magazine distributor, you have a heavy responsibility to make sure your clients get their subscriptions on time regardless of rain or shine. There are no OFF days if your're dealing with newspapers because even if you do take a day off, someone has to fill your place and make sure the business carries on.

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Being successful in this business means having a wide network of customers (dozens... but more likely hundreds). If you own a newspaper stand, it makes it easier because some of your customers will be able to drive by to pick up their copy, but mostly, people will rely on your delivery service. As you become known for timely, reliable service, people will start switching to you to deliver their early morning favorites. More customers will likely mean a longer route for you. It means your customer base has grown and as it grows, you will need to consider other quicker options like hiring paperboys and girls or maybe getting another van , but this is a GOOD problem to have!

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