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Taxi / Limousine Service
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ith the number of cars and vehicles increasing everyday, fewer people are opting to drive to work themselves, preferring to rely on public transport. Busy executives who need to get from place to place quickly without having to waste time looking for a parking space usually rely on Taxi or Limousine services. These days, taxi services even have a registered members who register for a fee. When they call for a taxi, they are given priority over regular calls. A taxi will speed to their destination and pick them up, taking them to wherever they need to go. No fuss. No worries.

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If you have a number of cars that can be used as taxis or limousines, then you could start this business. You could even start with one car and slowly work your way to adding more units. Mind you, a limousine may not be the super-long limousines you see in America that ferry superstars and corporate bigwigs. In certain countries, a limousine can be any vehicle (car or MPV) what has been luxuriously refurbished for extra comfort. You'll need to check with your local laws governing this service and make the necessary applications. Sometimes, regulations may restrict you to operating on specific routes - city to airport for example. If you're near a resort location, you could rent your cars to tourists who'll want to drive around.

You could explore the option of leasing your vehicles instead of outright buying them, but each option has its pros and cons. You'll just need to decide what suits you best. One thing for sure - this business is a good money maker if you operate in the right market and it's a great way to make friends - from your regular tourist to corporate big-wigs!

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