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Antiques Dealer
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ven with the proliferation of modern day furniture, collectibles, gadgets and gizmos, people still love the old fashioned feel of articles from yester years. Be it furniture, watches or fine artwork, if only the creators of these articles knew how much they would fetch a hundred years later, they'd find a way to live that long! Antiques are BIG business today. People are paying premium prices for articles that were once thought of as worthless.

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With the advent of the Internet and internet auction site like eBay, the antiques trading business has virtually exploded! Even the average home-body with an internet connection and an attic full of memorabilia and stuff from their grandparents' hey-days can become an Antique seller. And you never know.... great-grandma's rocking chair, dusty and tucked away in that corner of the basement may be worth thousands to a willing buyer. So what if you don't have anything to sell in your house? Well, if you're someone with an eye for antiques and you have a gut feeling that what you see is worth more than it's being sold for, then you could buy the item(s) and sell it at a marked-up price. Mind you though, many people are hopping on the antique bandwagon and they're savvy about their articles' real value, so you may not get "a penny paid, a million gained" stuff very often.

All in all, this business can easily be run from your home with just an Internet connection. You just need to put your articles up for auction and wait for the highest bid. Or... you could set up a physical shop. This may require a considerable investment in terms of shop rental and stock and hiring staff. Depends on what your vision is for your business and how much capital you can raise. It's a big money business anyway, so you could very well be making money from day one!

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