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magine a product everyone uses and everyone needs. Now imagine that you are the only person who has the rights to market that product. Do you think that would would be making tons of money? Well that's what happens if you're a distributor for any product, particularly if you are the sole distributor for that product in your state or country.

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Distributor rights depends very much on the company. Some may require a tedious application process where you would need to provide financial particulars and proven business track records or if its a smaller company starting up, it could be offered by the company's owner to acquaintances. Regardless, it's a big responsibility because the company expects that you will get their product to their customers quickly and without any fuss.

Some people who travel extensively abroad discover products that would be popular in their own countries. It could be anything from herbal medication to silk cloth. They then contact the manufacturer to try and secure the rights to distribute the product in their country. You will have to take care of all the documentation and legalities with regards to health approvals from your local government to import procedures. Then when your shipment comes in, you would already need to have a network of resellers who are willing to sell your product. The set up is pretty much up to you and what works best for you. If you are one of those who can secure sole distributorship of a popular product in your state or country, you'll be swimming in money!

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