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Flea Market Organizer
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o you love yard sales? Do you find yourself in the thrift store every time you see one? Do you enjoy browsing your local marketplace, looking at all the knick-knacks on sale? Do you have a large yard that can accomodate lots of people or do you know where you can rent a hall cheap? If you do, then you could find this a very interesting business that could earn you some extra money.

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Your job would basically be to gather people who want to sell anything (legal of course) from clothes to costume jewelry to pets. Then you would offer them a stall in your weekend yard sale for a small fee. The opportunities are endless for this business. Because of the repeat traffic from people who come every weekend to see what's new, you could use that opportunity to advertise and market new products for companies. All for a fee of course.

You'll need to keep the vendors coming and ensure your Flea Market get a continuous stream of visitors otherwise there's no point in having one is there. So you'll need banners, posters and if there's something special on, you'll need to pass flyers around town. Make sure you generate a lot of activity so people are attracted to your Flea Market. A weekend food bazaar would be a fantastic way to draw people who are too lazy to cook and want to have a taste of something and everything different!

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