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Customization Specialist
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avvy computer users know exactly what they want in a computer. They require specific setups for their machines for high-end applications or gaming. While they could buy the latest machine in the market and modify or upgrade it to meet their needs, it may cost much more in the end, so they will turn to specialists who can build their computers from scratch according to their specifications.

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As a Customization specialist, you will be someone who loves the technicalities of computers. You will be comfortable working with hardware and software, being able to take apart any machine and put it back together again with ease. Customers will always have a budget for you to work with so you'll need to know where to get the best deals for the required components. You'll also want to give your customers a limited waranty so they'll know they can come back to you in case of problems.

This business can easily be run from your home, but you'd do better if you set up a small workshop somewhere people can pop by easily. The can then bring their units by for servicing and upgrading. You might want to keep stock of popular components so you'll be able to assemble orders for customers who need their units quickly. Word gets around quickly among the computer savvy folk and if your products are great, you'll have a packed schedule assembling units for customers!

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