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Demonstrator / Promoter
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usinesses are always on the lookout for new ways to promote their products. While they may already have a ready market for the more established brands, when a new product hits the streets, they need to get the public's attention. When there's a product promotion, thousands of people are needed to set up kiosks or mini stalls to give out samples, conduct demonstrations and give out free samples. This kind of promotion is necessary although costly. The companies need to recruit their part-timers, give them the product training, then send them out to do their stuff.... but wouldn't if be easier is they could just contact someone who already had a ready, skilled promotions workers to do the job for them? That's where you come in.

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As a Professional Merchandise Demonstrator / Promoter, your advantage will be speed and efficiency. When you get a call from a company to promote their product, you or select team members will meet with them for the product briefing and basic training. Then with your already established network and staff, you will hit the streets promoting their product. You will demonstrate and promote the product anywhere there are large numbers of people. How you are paid largely depends on the company and the product. It may be on a job done basis or on actual sales.

Your staff will generally consists of part-timers like college students and retirees, so you'll need to constantly replenish your staff force. You want people who are motivated and pleasant looking. After all, hiring someone with facial piercings and tatoos probabaly will scare off your potential market... and your paying customers!

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