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ost people who start out in business begin small. Before you start out, you need to make sure you've planned for long term. Most retails businesses do not make profit immediately unless they have a product that's unique and people take a liking to it quickly. There are exceptions to the rule unless you're a famous person who immediately has a fan base that will at least visit your store and chances are they will make a purchase.

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There are a myriad of factors that determine the eventual success or failure of a retail business, among them, location, market forces, quality of service and your marketing campaigns. Building a loyal customer base doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, persistance and lots of patient hard work. Eventually though, when you've established yourself for a few years, the profits will begin to grow.

Don't rest on your laurels though. It may take years to build up a loyal clientele, but if could take just weeks to lose them. People are always on the look out for something new, something exciting, something different. Tried and tested products are fine and should be your mainstream, but if you want to continue to grow, you will need to keep an eagle-eye on market trends affecting your product. You need to be quick to react to the market and consumer needs. If you can and do, then you'll see your profit margin continue to grow. Don't kid yourself though. It won't be easy. Consumers are a demanding lot and that includes your customers.

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