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ne of the primary reasons why hypermarkets attract such a large number of customers is the fact that they can buy wholesale (in large quantities) and sell them at smaller quantities to their customers. That way, customers enjoy the benefit of wholesale prices. Customers would not get that same price unless they were to buy in bulk from the manufacturer themselves, but very few customers can afford to buy wholesale.

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There are lots of ways you can operate as a wholesaler. There are also lots of products that you can get at wholesale prices. If you have no particular preference or experience dealing in a certain product, then you need to study the market and decide which product or products you would buy wholesale. As a free agent, you are not bound to any product but obviously if you build a relationship with specific manufacturers, they will be able to give you lower prices when it's permissable.

You will be meeting many manufacturers, looking for the best bargains. Retailers in turn will come to you for the best prices. Responsible retailers will obviously pass on the savings to their customers so everybody gets a piece of the pie and everyone's happy. You'll need to keep your products moving fast if they're perishable with and expiry date. Failure to do so will give you a "bulk" loss!

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