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Astrology Readings
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growing number of people are becoming interested in the supernatural, especially in astrology. Many people are so into it that the first thing they turn to in the newspapers is the horoscope section. Some live their lives by it and will not even leave their homes if their horoscope say it's going to be a bad day! While many will put it off as a hog-wash, there is a definite market for products and services related to astrology.

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If you understand what if means to have the moon in Aquarius and what happens to Ariens when the sun is in their sign, then you might want to consider offering your services to those inclined to astrology. This means having a thorough knowledge of all things related to astrology and how people in the various zodiac signs are affected by the stars and planets. You might want to start by offering free readings to your friends and families, then work your way to private readings for acquaintences. If you're any good, and you're fairly accurate in your "predictions" you might want to consider setting up shop at your local marketplace or mall. You don't really need a big, fancy shop although it would give a professional front to your service. At the very basic, your set-up would consist of your astrological "equipment", a table and a couple of chairs. You'd be suprised at the number of people who will stop and have a second look at your set-up and engage your services.

It's a nice niche market to make some weekend money. Don't try to fake it though. If you don't know your planets from your zodiac signs, then this is not what you want to do. There are many opportunities for the successful astrologer though - from writing yearly astrological forecasts books like Susan Miller, to online services like Jonathan Cainer. Every astrologer will have a different perception of situations and will offer just as many predictions, so what makes a great astrologer? Reputation definitely plays a major part, so build on it and you'll won't need to predict the outcome - it's tons of money in your bank account!

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