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Product Contest
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very company that needs to increase their sales or build up their brand consciousness conducts contests on a regular basis. These contests usually require you to complete a slogan or create a unique signature or some other form of creative endeavor. They offer anything from cars and electronic gadgets to holidays and good old cash as prizes. We've all seen and heard of people who strike it rich by winning a car or house and thought to ourselves that it's just luck. Well, take it from a regular contest winner... while luck does play a part, the bigger factor is the quality of your creative input. In fact,

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This freelance money making hobby that can be quite lucrative for the person who decides to take it up seriously. Take it from me... I've personally won cars and more TVs than I can count. All of these translates into a very healthy bank balance! There isn't really any trick to it... the next time you see a contest form, pick one up. You're going to buy the product anyway, so that's your proof of purchase. Then... just think of a clever slogan, creative signature or whatever is required. You don't lost anything but you stand to gain lots!

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