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Appliance Repair
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eople don't give much thought to the little appliances that make our lives so much easier until they break down. We all take for granted our water heater, oven, toaster, radios, TVs, microwaves and countless other gizmos and gadgets. While a surprising number of folk wouldn't think twice about chucking out their broken toasters and getting a new one, most people would look for a repairman first and see if the unit can be fixed. If it's a larger, more expensive item, then they'll definitely want to have someone take a look at it. It may not be the fastest solution compared to buying a replacement, but it definitely saves money.

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If you're into electronics and you love working with electrical and electronic stuff, you could make a nice side income running a home based appliance repair service. If you live in an apartment block or a highly populated area, you could advertise your service with flyers and posters. Tenants in your building or neighbours will definitely take note of this and when something needs repair, it's so much easier to have someone nearby who make the necessary fix. You would basically need a small workspace and the basic equipment to start off.

This would be a great source of extra cash for the off-duty electrician or electronics engineer. If you've just graduated, this would be a perfect way to make money while looking for a full-time job. You never know - if business is good, you may not need to get a full-time job! You would have the edge over your local repair stores because you're close to your customers and you can keep flexible hours. Since you're operating from your home, your costs would be lower. This will allow you to charge your customers less. That's a BIG plus factor but of course, if business keeps picking up, you would probably need to consider setting up a small shop where customers can pop by easily. The choice pretty much depends on you... keep it as a nice side income or make more money!

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