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Computer Consultant
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usinesses rely more and more on computers everyday, but not every business is optimizing their IT resources. They may be struggling with a bottleneck that they are unaware of, a problem that may easily be overcome with the right computer hardware or software. Your job as a computer (IT) consultant is to analyze what your client or his business wants to do with their computer system.

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Businesses need your expertise to help them find the right hardware or software that will streamline their exisitng processes or for their new office. You will study their systems and then propose improvements or changes. You will need to combine your IT skills with people skills especially if you need to convince your client that your proposal is sound and a substantial investment is required.

This is a very competitive field which requires continuous education to keep up with new developments. You have to love learning about new gadgets, software, systems, programs - anything related to your field. You will need to organize and supervise the implementation of the computer system, provding training to staff where required. As this field is so wide, you may have to rely on a variety of experts like Local Area Networking (LAN) experts and software developers. You would be the central person that keeps everything moving towards your client's goal - a user friendly, efficient computer system. It doesn't end with the successful implementation of your client's computer system. Every system needs periodic reviews, modifications or upgrading. Most businesses tend not to change IT consultants because of the time it takes for the new consultant to re-examine your current system. They will come back to you because you are familiar with their system and all it's peculiarities. That means a long term business relationship and also long-term potential for profits.

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