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alk into any decent bookstore these days and what do you find? Books of course... but look carefully and you'll see that there are even books about topics you never thought existed. What's more, there maybe more than one author writing about that obscure topic! Even in the age of the Internet, people still love books. There's something reassuring about knowing that when you need to find out about something, you can just head on to the book store and you'll probably find a book that answers your questions - and more. One particular genre that has always been popular are the How-to books. These cover every conceivable topic from how to cook, how to fix your car to how to teach your cat to be a genius!

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You may not have thought of yourself as an author, but what's most important in writing a How-to book is knowing a "How-to". If you're an expert in a particular skill then you already qualify as a How-to author. Do your family and friends always ask you questions about a particular thing that you're good at? Do people always come to you for advice about buying a house because you're an expert in the legalities and intricacies of buying property? Maybe you're acknowledged as a computer programmer who's super-skilled in mySQL or PHP or ASP or you're the first person the ladies call when they need to know something about cooking. You don't need to know EVERYTHING about the world of real estate or be an expert in EVERY programming language. You just need to be an expert in your particular area of interest, then write about it.

If your writing skills are not up to scratch, and you don't have the time or inkling to take a short writing course, you might want to consider working with someone who can help you organize your topics and translate your thoughts into written text. Marketing your book requires you to send your manuscript to the various publishing houses. You might want to target the smaller publishers who are interested in your genre. That way, the chances of someone actually reading your material is substantially higher. If you have the funds, many writers have undertaken the cost of printing and marketing themselves. This is a tougher road to travel, but you'll get the satisfaction of doing everything your way and you get to keep all the profits! Remember, a How-to book doesn't need to be a thousand pages long... a simple 20-page booklet about a popular topic can earn you good money as well. Take it one step at a time. You never know, when you've got the hang of it, you could even produce your own series of How-to books and eventually... videos. They're a big money maker these days.

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