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Balloon Decorating
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hat would an opening ceremony or grand sale be without bright colored balloons? They're cheap, readily available, and they lend an air of gaiety to any occasion. People love looking at them, and they're a sure-fire way to attract kids' attention. People have come up with lots of ingenious ways to string together hundreds of colorful balloons to adorn malls, halls and any place where there's something special going on. Creating these works of art are no easy feat though. It takes skill and know-how to create colorfully coordinated balloon decorations and most companies prefer getting professionals to do.

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If you're someone creative who loves balloons and you're good with your hands, then you could give this money maker a shot. If you don't have any experience in balloon decorating, you might want to sign up for a crash course and get yourself some books or work part time with a balloon decorator before going solo. The other way would be to practise at home. Your basic tools are balloons (of course), a pump, sturdy string, and lots of patience and creativity. You could try decorating for small events and functions first and work your way up. Birthday parties would be great.

When you work on bigger jobs, you'll need extra hands because setting up requires more than one person. Your client's budget will determine the complexity of your designs. You'll need to do your homework in between jobs, experimenting and creating new and interesting designs. After all, your designs are what sets you apart from the other balloon decorators. I'm sure you never thought "playing" with balloons would one day help you make money!

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