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Freelance Beautician
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eople are very beauty conscious these days. Ladies especially, will spare no cost in trying to look beautiful. Trouble is, with today's hectic lifestyle, very few working women have the time to go to the beauty salon. That's why many enterprising individuals have started their own freelance beautician business, catering to clients who live near their homes or friends and acquaintences.

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If you're a stay-at-home mom who's great with makeup or you have experience working in a beauty salon, you might want to have a go and set up a small freelance beautician business at home. Many women actually take beautician courses to prepare themselves for such a move. It helps if you're someone who looks great yourself - after all, your own looks are your best advertisement. You'll need to invest in the basic equipment - makeup, skin and beauty products, etc. It's best if you can convert one of your rooms into something cosy and private. Clients will set up appointments so make sure you are not interrupted during this time. You've got to maintain a sense of professionalism even though you work at home. Clients will appreciate this.

For clients who prefer not to go to your home, you could visit them at their homes. Obviously, you won't be able to offer your full range of services for on-site appointments since you can't bring along all your equipment. Make sure you know what your clients want before your visit them so you can prepare your products. You don't want to find out you forgot something just when you need it! You'll find yourself very much in demand if you're professional and friendly. After all, customers prefer going back to you if they feel comfortable with you - and they'll probably recommend you to their friends. The beauty about this business (couldn't resist the pun!) is that you can work when it suits you in the comfort of your own home. When customers look at how beautiful you've made them, they'll be more than happy to fork out cash to you!

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