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here's a story about an woman who lost her husband to illness. With 4 small children to take care of, she was overcome with worry about how she would support her family. She had enough savings to sustain her for about a year and thereafter, she would need some sort of regular income. A close friend of hers suggested that she sell her home-made pickled vegetables to earn extra money. Well she did just that, selling to her neigbours and friends at first. Pretty soon, her pickled vegetables became popular and orders came in consistently. She soon had to hire extra hands to help keep up with the increasing orders. She learnt how to do business as she went along, and slowly but surely, she built up her home based business selling her now famous pickled vegetables and she earned more than enough for her and family to lead a comfortable life.

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There are lots of home-made foods that you can sell to your neighbourhood - anything from home-made jams to pickles to candy. All you really need is one good recipe and you already have the potential to make money. To start off, you could make a batch of your home-made food and give them to your friends and family. Just let them know that you'll be sellling your home-made foods to earn a little extra money and if they'd like to make an order, you'll be glad to have it ready for them as soon as possible. It might take a while and some experimenting to find a product that's popular but the thing to remember here is to just keep cooking and testing your market. You could try selling your home-made food at a nearby marketplace every morning or weekend. Eventually, you'll gauge what's popular and what's not. There are many ways to expand your business, from selling at more locations to taking bulk orders from your local grocery shop to selling online - the choice is yours. The secret is - never underestimate how much money you can make with one good recipe (or idea) even if it is just pickled vegetables.

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