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Themed Parties
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magine Darth Vader greeting your party guests or Cinderella playing hostess at your child's birthday bash! What if you could have a party in outer space - complete with sound and visual effects of comets and stars whizzing by the windows? How about having a birthday party with Spiderman and his nemesis Dr Octopuss? This business takes your average costume party one step further and adds props, visual and sound effects to produce themed parties.

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To go into this business, you'll need to be your above average creative person. You'll be someone who relishes thinking big! You clients will also be people who can pay the above average costs of having a themed party. You could start off with having just offering two or three party themes and build your repertoire of themes as your business grows. Themes like outer space, underwater and super heros could give you a good start. Assuming your clients opt for the outer space theme, then you'll organize your party to that theme - from flying saucer muffins to space blaster games to alien soda. Sounds like a lot of work? Well it is... and it's definitely not a one-man operation. You'll need to hire part-time staff to assemble the props, prepare the food and help keep the guests entertained. A lot of it can be out-sourced though. You'll want to offer popular themes where your props can be re-used. Finding a caterer who can produce your themed food will make things easier for you. Again, your simple soda can be transformed from "alien soda" to "seaweed juice" just by changing the color or fruits that go in it. Your helpers would be dressed in costumes to suit your theme, so you'll need to be creative and make your costumes fit multiple themes if at all possible.

It will definitely be a plus if you have a big room or hall that you can re-decorate into whatever theme that's required. That's why this business works best if you operate in a mall or shop. You costs are definitely higher, but then again, remember your clients are also going to be up-market so it pays to make a good impression. If you can full it off, you'll be making lots of people happy and making yourself lots of money!

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