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Personalized Cakes/Cookies
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eople love cakes and cookies. Other than tasting good, they look good. Some very creative people have invented a technology that revolutionizes the way cakes and cookies look, and with a little bit of creativity on your part, you could use this technology and make a nice slice of money for yourself. The innovative product we're talking about here is sugar sheets or frosting sheets. This is an edible sheet of "paper" that's made of sugar. You actually print on it using food coloring that comes in an ink cartridge. The designed image is printed in exactly the same manner as you would print on paper except the printer is specifically loaded with the food coloring ink and may not be alternated with regular printer ink. The printed sugar sheet is then placed on the cake or cookie and (voila!) you have your very own personalized cake!

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Starting this business requires a bit of investment because you will need to purchase the sugar sheets, the printer and the food coloring cartridges. Having experience in baking cakes and cookies is invaluable. Your customers are going to remember your products for their taste as much as for the designs. If you're a creative person who's handy with the various image editing software, then your combined baking and artistic skills will make you lots of money. Possible markets for your services would be companies who are having an event or gathering. You could personalize cookies with their logo or their choice of image. It would make the perfect gift for guests to their event. The possibilities are unlimited though - from personalized birthday cakes to personal poems on cookies. It's a unique way for people to tell their loved ones how much they're loved.

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