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Freelance Trainer
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omputers have become such a crucial part of our lives these days that many employers would not even consider hiring someone without computer skills. Many jobs require a more in depth knowledge of specific software and with the never-ending software upgrades, staff need to constantly keep up with changes. This means they need to constantly retrain themselves. This is where you come in.

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If you intend to be a freelance computer trainer, you will need to know the basic range of software or hardware and be an expert in your chosen software. You will need to have excellent communication skills and love teaching. Patience is a necessary characteristic of a good trainer. Sometimes, your students will be slow to grasp the fundamentals and if you're not patient, it will drive you bonkers! This is a competitive business if you choose to teach the more common software. If your specialty is a high-end software, then you would be in a elite group and could potentially make a lot of money. Your earning power increases subtantially if you are a Certified Trainer. Certification acknowledges you as an expert in your field.

As a trainer, you will be making a big difference in the lives of your students. They're looking to you to teach them new skills that will make them more efficient and more marketable in a highly competitive job market. You needn't confine your skills to training. Being an expert opens many opportunities - one of which could be authoring a training manual on your chosen software. There's big bucks to be made here.

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