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Softskills Trainer
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hese days, staff are required to have a whole range of skills to be effective in an increasingly competitive and demanding workplace. In addition to experience, technical skills and work knowledge, they need to learn many skills which fall into the softskills category such as time management, communication and effective supervision. Much of these skills are picked up along the way in their daily tasks, but many companies require their staff to attend formal courses in softskills to improve their staff's overall knowledge and effectiveness. While many large companies depend on their in-house trainers (usually their own managers) and their human resource departments to conduct training in such courses, they often rely on external trainers to conduct short softskills courses.

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If you have experience as a trainer or public speaker, and you love interacting with people, then you might want to try your hand at being a softskills trainer. If you've already been conducting in-house training for your company or small groups, then you've got a head-start, otherwise, you'll need to do your homework and do the necessary research on your chosen softskill topic. You'll find it's best if you keep to something you're familiar with, focussing on you areas of expertise rather than trying to blanket a whole range of topics in which you have no real experience. Softskills trainers are usually held in high regard as the are supposed to be specialists in their fields. Imagine being late for a course on time management! Not very good for your image not to mention reputation.

If you do well as a softskills trainer though, it opens many doors to a world of opportunities. As your audiences speak highly of you, your reputation will grow and so will your fee. If you've reached that level, you'll want to think about your own line of books and training videos. Hmmm... people paying you to talk - nice way to make money!

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