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Vegetarian Catering
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any people these days have gone veggie. There's an increasing number of people who have opted to be full-time vegetarians for health as well as environmental and spiritual reasons. The problem though, is that many restaurants and food outlets are not exactly vegetarian friendly. For experienced vegetarians, cooking vegetarian meals have become an easy task. For the working vegetarian though, most days are a big rush just to get home. You'd think that a vegetarian meal is as simple as throwing a few fruits and veggies together to make a salad but vegetarians are people too and they like variety just as much as their meat-eating counterparts! They also have to be careful to make sure that they get a balanced intake of nutrients daily.

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If you're a vegetarian yourself, a good cook and you live in an area where there are people just like you, why not consider cooking meals for your veggie friends? You're already cooking for yourself and your family, so it would be just like cooking for a few extra guests. Your friends will probably welcome the variety and the fact that they don't have to worry about cooking themselves. You'll want to confine your business to an area near your home if you are required to deliver the food to your customers. Alternatively, your customers could pick up their meals on their way home. This is a great business you can run right out of your own kitchen and it's a great way to meet vegetarians just like you. Depending on their schedules (yours too), you could consider cooking only on alternate days or if you're a stay-at-home mom, then you might just want to do it five days a week. Most people like to have the weekends to themselves. Great way to keep healthy, stay trim, make friends, save the animals and make money at the same time, would you agree?

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