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Special Diet Catering
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o much of our modern day food is actually bad for our health. Processed food may be convenient and tasty, but in the long run, they take their toll on our bodies. Statistics show an alarming rise in diet related diseases like obesity and diabetes in affluent societies. Many people realize too late that they should have watched what they eat! When illness strikes them they then have no option but to be watchful of the amount and type of food that they consume daily. With out hectic lifestyles though, the temptation to "close one eye" and give in to temptation to skip our diet is easy.

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If you're a good cook with experience cooking diet-specific meals for relative perhaps, you might want to give this business a try. It helps if you have a background as a dietician or healthcare worker. This lends credibility to your abililty to cook diet-specific meals. What you want to do is find out through your family and friends if anyone has a health problem that requires them to be on a specific diet such as low-sodium, diabetic or low cholesterol. You might want to get permission from your local clinics to post ads about your service. Once you've located your potential customers, you'll offer to cook daily meals for them that conform to their health needs. They'll likely need you to deliver their meals to them so you might want to get an extra hand to help you out in that area.

It may seem like an unlikely way to make money, but many people will pay a high price for the sake of their health. Your customers may only need your services for a couple of months but it's still a good way to help other people stay healthy and make extra money at the same time.

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