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Fresh Fruit Juice
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veryone loves juice. There's nothing healthier than to start your day with freshly squeezed fruit juice. It gives us our daily dose of much needed vitamins and energy boost. Trouble is though, some of us may not be able to get a wide variety of fruits to juice... so we end up with oranges almost on a daily basis. This isn't to say that oranges aren't great, but people are people and we all crave variety. Add to that the fact that getting a glass of pineapple or sugarcane juice can be quite a messy job, it's no wonder people tend to miss out on enjoying lots of wonderful fresh juices. Many people think that they're getting fresh juice when they buy the ones in cartons in their supermarkets. Fact is, most if not all of these products are far from fresh by the time they consume them, plus they've been processed and have had preservatives added to them. People who live in tropical countries are lucky because they get can easily get loads of fruits that make fantastic juice like pineapples, mangos, guavas and papayas.

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If you own or live near an orchard or you have access to a lot of fresh fruit, why not convert those fruits into fresh fruit juice that you can deliver to homes daily? It's pretty much like your milk man delivering fresh milk daily except you'll be bringing fresh fruit juice instead. To start off, you could distribute flyers around your neighbourhood telling them about your service. You might have a basic menu of juices and an order form that they can tick, indicating what kinds of fruit juices they'd like on which days. You then fill their orders daily of according to their preferred frequency. You'll want to get your fruit supply fresh (preferably daily) and juice them. Make sure you've got lots of variety. You'll basically need industrial strength juicers and refridgerators as your primary equipment for this business. Make sure you've got back-up coolers or a generator for those unforeseen power outages. Keeping your juices fresh is of utmost importance. You'll need to check with your local authorities about any health or food permits that you need to apply for before you start this business. Then it's up to you to "squeeze" as much as you can out of this business!

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