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Reject Shop
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ising costs are making it increasingly difficult for families to buy quality goods at cheaper prices. These days, with long-term jobs becoming increasingly scarcer, families need a double income PLUS other sources of income! They shop when there's a sale, eat at home or even buy second-hand goods to help save money. One of the more popular shops these days are thrift shops or in certain countries, they're called Reject shops. These stores get their clothing and goods from factories that have out-dated stock that the want to dispose of, over-produced stock that their customers do not want and products with minor defects which have not passed their quality control but are perfectly useable. They get these items in bulk at a very low cost, add a small markup, and re-sell them. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

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Depending on how big you're planning your business, you may need anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands. If you have retail experience, then you've got a head start, because you'll know how to set up shop and how to market yourself. You'll probably also know suppliers who have the goods that you need. If not, then you've got to do a fair bit of leg-work. You'll need to visit clothing factories and ask if they have rejected items that you could buy in bulk. It may take some convincing, but if you can get a factory to provide you with a regular supply of rejected items, then you're in business.

Your target market will obviously be the lower to lower-middle income groups so you won't want to set up shop in a post area. You could even consider taking up a stall at your local marketplace or just open up a space during the weekends when there's a bigger crowd. Good way to help people save money while you're making yours!

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