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Home-made Paper
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aper is wonderful! Okay... sometimes it's not so wonderful - especially if it's stacked high on your desk and it's called work! Paper IS wonderful though - fancy paper, craft paper, drawing paper, gift wrapping paper - see what I mean? I once tried my hand at making my own home-made paper. It was at an exhibition featuring paper crafting. It was a wonderful experience and the number of things that you can make using just paper and loads of creativity is unlimited. People buy home-made paper more for it's artistic qualities than for practical use although most home-made paper can be turned into money making products!

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If you don't have experience making your own paper, not to fret! There are books and websites that teach you step-by-step how to go about it. Contact your local art store or crafts shop. They sometimes conduct paper-making as part of their short skills courses. The theory is pretty simple, but it may take a while to get the hang of getting your paper into what you want it to be. Your paper designs can be anything you want. Your home-made paper can be used for anything from book covers to gift wrappers. You can even make gift boxes and stationery based on your paper. It's not a multi-million dollar business unless you expand your business to produce larger quantities. You probably won't be a millionaire doing this but it's a great way to turn a hobby into a money making venture.

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