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Kennel/Cage Cleaner
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ringing home a cute puppy or kitten is a fantastic feeling. There's nothing like having a pet for company and affection. They make great companions for years but let's face it... sometimes the responsibilities that come with owning a pet can be less than enjoyable. Cleaning the kennel/cage is one of the tasks even pet lovers don't look forward to. It's ok if there's only one kennel or cage to clean but if you've got 2 or more, then it can be a bit time consuming not to mention messy.

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This is a money maker that's perfect for the pet lover. You're someone who doesn't mind spending hours on your hands and knees cleaning out pet poo and dirt and grime. You'll find you have a ready market in the folk you live in the upper class areas. They won't mind paying someone else to do the dirty stuff for them. You could start off in your neighbourhood first though, advetising your service with flyers and posters. It's a low budget business but you will need the necessary tools - cleaners, scrapers, brushes and disposable bags for the poo. You'll need to be mobile or course, but the good thing is that you don't need a big vehicle for this. Making your rounds on a motorbike will save you a couple of bucks and even help you beat traffic as you zoom from customer to customer. Realistically speaking though, much of your business will happen during the weekends so don't plan on giving up your day job for this.

There are benefits and opportunities to be made through this business though. You could sell shelters and pet products to your customers when you see there's a need. Maybe their kennel/cage is old and rusty or you notice their pet could use a better shampoo. Every little bit helps right?

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