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Mural Painting
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urals add a touch of color to any building or room. You'd usually find murals on kindergarten walls, art centres, schools and community halls. They brighten up an otherwise drab wall with pictures and scenes. Murals can be anything that the owner wants from cartoons to sunsets to abstract art. It takes a different kind of artist to paint murals though. These artists are people who specialize in BIG art. They take a blank wall and it becomes their canvas to create big works of art.

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If you're an artistic person with a penchant for doing big stuff, then you might want to be a mural painter. This probably won't be a full-time job but imagine having your artwork where thousands of people can appreciate everyday! You could start of with letting your friends and family know that you're doing this. Take on smaller jobs like painting cartoons and colorful pictures on children's rooms. This would be a pretty small job that you can handle alone. Get in touch with your local community halls and any business that has a large wall that could use a mural. Talk to them about how they and their customers could benefit from having a colorful work of art to appreciate instead of a blank wall. You might not get a response immediately, but leave your calling card anyway. You might want to build up a portfolio of you artwork so you potential clients can at least get an idea of the quality of your work. You'll need to plan your work and get a couple of extra hands to help you out if you've got big projects to work on so factor those costs into your price quote. It's a great way to get extra cash during your off-days and weekends. It's an especially nice way for art or college students to earn money during holidays!

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