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Digital Imaging
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e're living in a digital world. Today, nothing is impossible if it can be digitized and manipulated by a computer. We're referring specifically to computer images here. So much of what we see today in advertisements and on TV and the movies are products of digitization. Digital works of art have found their way into almost every facet of our lives, from personalized stickers to home-movies.

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Most everyone these days can scan and digitize images and manipulate them with the wide range of software available in the market. To make any money at it though, will require that you either be a wizard at photo editing, digital animation or find a very creative niche market. Being business savvy helps a lot. People will depend on you not only to digitize their favorite images, but to enhance them. Having the latest equipment here is not as important as having the creativity to create works of art.

Your opportunities in this field are wide open. You could make scan family photos into a digital album, create t-shirts, mugs, stickers, stationery etc, with your customer's digitized photo - your options are endless. While you could work at this business from home, sooner or later you'll need to base yourself at a busy mall or marketplace, where you have high visibility and customers can pop by easily. You basic equipment would be a high-resolution scanner, a digital camera or video camera, a fast computer and your arsenal of software to do your magic with. You'll naturally have a catalogue of your products ready to go for customers who need speedy service. Your customers may have specific requests that will require you to customize your designs. If so, you'll need to be quick with your fingers and have a sharp eye for detail. Customers will always be looking over your shoulder as you work, so you'd better be a people person. This business is a great way to combine your love for digital imaging and your artistic abilities.

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