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One-hour Crafts
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eople generally love to shop, but when you're married with a couple of kids, it can be a hassle dragging your kids along on those shopping trips. Shopping for clothes and everyday stuff can really be a drag to a five-year-old and they make sure you know it. So when shopping day comes along, families have a couple of options. They can bring their kids along, and listen to them groan and gripe the whole time, or they can drop them off at the sitter's, or keep them occupied with something while they shop. They're quite popular these days - One-hour crafts centers that offer a craft project like sand-art or plaster art painting - and parents just love them because it gives their kids something to do while they go off and do their shopping in peace.

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This is a nice weekend business that you can run easily. You basically need to ask your local art or crafts suppliers about what sort of projects they have that kids can do easily within an hour. Keep in mind that unless you have a helper on hand to assist your lilttle customers, you don't want to choose crafts that require too much work to finish such as stained glass coloring that needs to be heated before the color sets. When you've found the right craft, you'll want to negotiate a price for bulk purchase. Then, you'll need to contact your local mall or marketplace to set up shop. You need to set up where there's lots of families and kids. Most malls will have some sort of rental scheme where you can pay on a daily basis. Armed with your supply of crafts, a couple of tables and chairs, you're ready for business. You need to have a few finished crafts ready for display so parents can see what they're paying for. After that, it's just a matter of waiting for your customers. As an added precaution, you might want to give each child a wrist band with their parents name and contact number so they can be contacted if there's a need. Nice way to make a little money during your free time!

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