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Art and Crafts Store
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ids love to mess about with paints and colors and creative stuff. So do adults. There's just something very satisfying about admiring your own finished artwork. So what if it is lop-sided or the colors don't match or if it's out of shape. It's a masterpiece made with your own hands and that's what counts! Many parents these days recognize the need for kids and adults to develop the creative aspect of their personality and what better way than to sign up for weekly craft lessons!

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This is a great business for the creatively inclined. You could set up shop anywhere there's lot of people. Running this from your home is possible, but you'll probably be limiting your market considerably. A brightly colored facade is a must. People won't come to you if your store doesn't look cheery. You're teaching art and crafts after all right? You'll want to have a catalogue of craft projects that people can sign up for. It's better if you're organized so if you can plan a time-table covering either six months or a year, your customers will know what's going to be taught and will arrange their schedules accordingly. Alternatively, you could have pre-set programmes - maybe from novice to expert levels - that consists of a number of craft projects. How you work out your scheduling is really up to you and what works best. Assistants will need to be hired but the good thing about having a schedule is that you can get your temps to come in only for the duration of the class. That way, you save on manpower costs.

Your shop should also sell products so parents can purchase them and let their creative juices flow at home. It might be a good idea to periodically organize specialized classes like paper making and doll crafts for the serious crafters. Building a business relationship with schools and kindergartens probably wouldn't hurt either. You could supply them with craft products or giving free classes every month or so as a way to promote your business. Great way to make money while your creative juices are flowing!

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