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Fish Tank Cleaner
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eople love looking at fish swimming around in an aquarium. Some studies have shown that people's blood pressure levels tend to decrease when they're looking at fish swimming serenely in an aquarium. For the Chinese, they believe that having an aquarium in their homes enhances the flow of positive energy in their homes and this works to increase their general wealth and well being. Other than that, most people simply want to have a pet and having fish seems the easiest choice. They eagerly spend hundreds to maybe thousands of dollars on expensive fish tank setups and glow with pride as they enjoy their new found hobby - for the first few weeks at least. It's then that the reality of keeping an aquarium sets in. People soon learn that keeping fish healthy and fish tanks clean isn't just a matter of changing the water every week. They have to watch the pH level of their fish tanks and the many other factors that affect the qualilty of the water. People realize too late just how much they need to do to maintain a nice fish tank when they wake up in the morning and find all their fish have gone belly-up!

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If you're a fish enthusiast and your an expert in maintaining fish tanks, why not put your expertise to good use? There are many fish tank owners who love their fish but simply don't have the time to maintain them. What you want to do is ask permission to place your flyers or posters in your local pet stores. You could maybe work out some sort of commission to be paid if they refer a client to you. You'll need to be mobile, carrying your cleaning equipment with you because you must expect that your clients will not have the necessary equipment to do a proper cleaning job. You'll need to be efficient and do your job with as little mess as possible. Exotic fish may require specialized filters and equipment so you'll need to be come equipped. How you charge your clients depends on the size of their tanks and the complexity of the job.

You reputation for fast, efficient and professional cleaning will soon grow and you'll have customers calling you with bigger more complicated tanks. Anytime you see a fish tank is a store or business premise or even home, you'll want to leave you calling card and let them know that you're available to clean their tanks if ever they need you. This is a great way to convert your hobby into a money making business.

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