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Jamming Studio
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verybody loves music. With musical instruments easily available these days, almost everyone knows how to play an instrument. It's fun and if you're good at it, like the song by Dire Straits goes, you can make "Money For Nothing"! After learning a couple of chords and jammin with the radio, the next step would be to get a group together and Voila! you have a band! But wait! Any self-respecting, up and coming band needs a place to whack those drums and scream their lungs out without the neighbours calling the police. Enter you... Jamming Studio owner.

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Keep in mind here that for a start, we're talking about a basic set-up to cater to kids who just wanna make some noise and semi-serious bands that need a place to fine-tune for their gigs. If you live somewhere where loud music isn't going to bug the neighbours or you've got a garage that can be converted to a music studio, you're in business. If helps if you've got a few amps, mics and mixer to crank up the sound a bit. Your customers can rent additional guitars, keyboards and drums if they don't have their own - for a fee of course. How you charge is up to you, but make sure you factor power usage, wear and tear and "accidental" damage to your equipment into your fee structure. Accidental damage includes over-exuberance by a head-bangin' guitar player! As you business picks up, you'll want to add equipment to your set up and maybe consider having your place sound-proofed. Having recording equipment will mean a lot to bands that want to cut a demo tape. You never know... your rehearsal studio might one day be the birthplace of another Beatles, U2 or Aerosmith. Think of the marketing possibilities!

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