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Music Lessons
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f given a chance, everybody would love to learn to play a music instrument. Besides enriching one's life, it's a great stress reducer. Children aren't the only one who are taking music lessons these days. Parents and adults themselves have discovered that age shouldn't be a barier to learning to play music. While it's possible to learn music on your own, most instruments need some form of basic coaching.

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There are a couple of ways you could approach teaching music. Formal lessons entails teaching your students based on a structured series of lessons that ultimately lead them to passing theory and practical examinations in that particular level. Giving formal music lessons requires you to be a certified teacher. This isn't something you pick up overnight. It takes years of dedication and perseverance to reach a level where you can actually give formal music lessons. Most parents will enrol their children for formal lessons because they want their kids to learn the "right way".

The other way to teach music is the "informal" way. This is a non-examination, fun oriented way to learn music. This method is usually for those who want to learn an instrument purely for self satisfaction. This is a great way for you if you're musically inclined, and you prefer not to be restricted to a rigid teaching regime. You could teach folk or rock guitar, drums, brass or keyboards while making learning fun. You'll find that there is a growing market for this kind of teaching because many people realize that after spending years and thousands of dollars on their children's music lessons, they can't play diddly without sheet music in front of them!

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