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Music Instruments Repair
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usic instruments, like wine, tend to get better with age. But when the band gets groovin' in the heat of a gig, they can go thru a real beating. This is true especially for rock instruments like guitars, basses and drums. Other instruments also need attention every so often. Repairing these often precious instruments is something professional musicians take seriously. When they leave their instruments in the hands of a master repairman, it's like leaving their baby with a sitter!

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This isn't a skill you pick up overnight. There are basically two ways to learn the art of repairing musical instruments - by yourself (usually by trial and error) or under a skilled craftsman. Some of you are probably already making repairs to your own instruments but just never thought about doing it for money! If you already have experience repairing a particular type of instrument, why not let your local music store and music schools know that you're in business. Leave your calling card with them and sooner or later, someone will need your services. This service requires skilled hands, a sharp eye and finely-tuned ears. You'll need patience because a rush job will almost always affect the tonal quality or ease of play of the instrument. If you do have the necessary skills though, all you need is to get customers and your on your way to a great way to make money. If you get really, really good at what you do, you never know... BB King or Eric Clapton himself might show up at your doorstep asking if you could have a look at their instrument!

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