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Queueing Service
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hen there's a big concert or play on, you can be sure of expensive ticket prices, large crowds and long queues. Many people don't have the time to wait in queue for tickets. Who can blame them. People actually camp overnight to be the first to get tickets. Maybe it's Christmas and there's a limited edition Star Wars toy that your kids simply must have but you have to queue up overnight if you ever hope of getting one. Wouldn't it be great if you could have someone who could queue up for you?

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If you've got lots of time and loads of patience to spare, why not do the queuing for people? Customers who need someone to queue up for them would then call you and give you the details of what they require. You'd then meet with the customer to get a deposit. This is to make sure they don't leave you hanging high and dry with tickets for opera if they change their mind. The quantum of deposit is up to you. After you have purchased the tickets, you then hand them over to your customer and receive the remainder of your payment plus your service fee. Of course trust and reputation plays a big part in this business. You're probably not going to get rich overnight doing this, but think about it... if you're already going to queue up overnight for someone, you might as well find out if anyone else needs tickets to the same event. That way, you can get tickets for multiple customers (unless the ticket counters limit the number of ticket you can purchase). Remember that this idea isn't about scalping (selling tickets at a higher price or to the highest offer). You are providing a service and your fee is clearly stated. And if you're at the ticket counter for that Aerosmith concert... you might as well get a couple for yourself!

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