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Language Tutor
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t's always an advantage to be multi-lingual. More so, if you live in a multi-racial country. Not only does it help in communicating with your fellow countrymen of different races, it also allows you to work or do business with people from other countries easily. For many people, picking up a second or third language becomes a necessity when they are beign posted to another country. It's then that they need a crash course in that particular language.

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This is a great money making service you can offer if you are skilled in two languages or more. Students who come to you will have differing needs. Some may only require speaking skills while others may require both writing and speaking skills. You will need to have a syllabus that covers the very basic to intermediate and advance levels. It's not surprise if you have to start with lessons for 3-years olds even though your client is 45! After all, that's why they've come to you. A private language tutor offers the flexibility of picking and choosing the lessons based on individual needs. Many people have made this service into a profitable business. You could run your lessons on a one-to-one basis or in a classroom setting. There's always a need for people to learn a second language. You just have to let people know that you can give them that skill.

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