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Used Computer Sales
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hile the world is seeing computer models change on a daily basis, many people cannot afford to buy new computers. Fact is, most people can make do with models that are from as far back as 5 years minus the latest technical wizardry! Most people give in to savvy advertisements and marketing from manufacturers, buying the latest models and end up using only a fraction of its capabilities.

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Your used computer sales business would provide pieces and complete systems as alternatives to those who opt not to purchase new systems. You can run this business on a freelance basis, operating from your home. You'll need to advertise your services in the papers or via flyers, brochures and banners. It would help a lot if you have a wide network of acquaintances in the computer industry who can refer customers to you or provide you with cheap, used computers. But to go into it seriously, you will need to set up shop in your local IT mall or at least where there are lots of people.

Even though you are dealing in used computers, you needn't have a "used computer mentality". You are offering a much needed service to a large segment of the market, supplying them with perfectly reconditioned computers. To enhance your professional image, you'll want to offer a limited waranty on your units. That way, your customers can at least expect you to be accountable for the reliability of your products. There is no reason why you can't open branches in towns where the population consists mainly of middle income folk. It's a good way to help people with less buying power and to make money for yourself!

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