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uying a home is one of the most important decisions anyone can make. It involves a huge investment and people never want to make a mistake. Some houses may look good from the outside but underneath that fresh coat of paint could be termite infestation, aged rusty pipes and wiring, etc. The last thing people want is to find out later that their dream home that was supposed to be a bargain needs thousands of dollars to repair. That's where you come in.

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As a building/home inspector, clients will engage you to check out the structure and details of a house before they make any decision to buy it. Your job will be to check the house from top to bottom, detailing all your findings in a report. Of primary concern to your clients will be costly repairs or services that will be needed such as termite treatment. Their future very much depends on your report, so you will need to be impartially professional in your judgement. In many countries, this is still a service that has not gained much popularity, so if you're in such a country, why not set up your service and get a monopoly? Professionalism, efficiency and being detailed will be the key characteristics that make you successful in this business.

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